Paintings by Greg McHuron
Text by Bert Raynes

Townsend's solitaire by Greg McHuron

Copyright © 2010 Greg McHuron & Bert Raynes. All rights reserved.

Brown thrasher by Greg McHuron

This book is a collaboration between two individuals with diverse backgrounds and similar philosophical ideas.
Birds of sage and scree tend to be underappreciated because many bird watchers are intimidated by these extensive terrains found throughout much of the western United States.

Working with a list supplied by Bert, Greg determined to paint not only the bird and habitat but to also include a silhouette of other inhabitants. He wanted to show the spiritual relationship between the two and that these mammals are an integral part of the habitats of sage and scree.

The book, with 25 original paintings, is 12 inches square, 60 pages, softcover, selling for $24.95 and will be available in local stores by July 2010.

All proceeds from this book benefit the Meg & Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund.

Burrowing owl by Greg McHuron
White throated swift by Greg McHuron


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Birds of Sage and Scree