Paintings by Greg McHuron
Text by Bert Raynes

Townsend's solitaire by Greg McHuron

Copyright © 2010 Greg McHuron & Bert Raynes. All rights reserved.

Brown thrasher by Greg McHuron
Cover: Birds of Sage and Scree by Greg McHuron and Bert Raynes


A new book celebrating the flora and fauna of ecosystems dominated by
sagebrush and rocky slopes throughout the western United States

July 2010

"This beautiful book celebrates the birds in the often overlooked habitats of scree and sage. McHuron's paintings illustrate the environments and local mammal life while keeping focus on the birds. Raynes' text is sometimes descriptive and sometimes anecdotal, but always informative. Readers will return to this book time and again to savor the beauty of the paintings and wit of the text."                                  Tony White, Director, American Birding Association
                                                             Former Director, Ornithological Council

"Bert Raynes' sensitively observed, well-chosen words reveal the warmth and deep understanding of birds by a master naturalist. Greg McHuron is an award-winning artist and imaginative painter of wonderful avian forms and their habitats." Thomas Quinn, Wildlife Artist

"I've always admired the work of both Greg McHuron and Bert Raynes, and I was ecstatic when I heard they were teaming up. One glance at the proofs for this book and I knew they hadn't let me down -- they've blended their talents to bring out the color and life of places known for their drabness, and still kept their individual voices intact. I hope this is just the first in a series of books by Greg and Bert!"                                            Charlie Craighead, Author and Filmmaker

"Exquisite paintings and delightfully informative text for lovers of fine art and nature of all ages."                      James McNutt, President, CEO,
                                                                   National Museum of Wildlife Art
Schematic map of sage and scree ecosystems by Bert Raynes

"There are few who know, understand and write about birds with such joy and life as does Bert Raynes. Together with Greg McHuron's elegant original paintings, this book is a must for anyone who loves the beauty of the western landscape and the song of its birds."
                                                              Tom Mangelsen, Wildlife Photographer